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How to install the pallet wrapping machine?

Nov,23 2016

For the people who initial contact with the pallet wrapping machine, they may be confusion that how to install equipment.

pallet wrapper

1. Remove the pallet wrapper from the logistics vehicle, the machine has a dedicated forklift hole, remove the work on the pallet wrapping machine to work the location of the standard machine equipment column size higher than 2200mm, non-standard machine to be determined according to the actual situation.

2. Under the circular hole in the bottom of the chassis, put the wrapping machine motor cable and control wire in. After the main column is righted by hand, open the lower cover plate of the main pillar with the key and fix the main column with the equipment chassis with 4 screws. Note that the turntable can not be pressed under the power cord, not to easily break the power cord.

3. Remove the control wire from the hole, the professional and technical personnel will be connected to the line power line. Turn on the power and ground.

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