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7 precautions of using pallet wrapper

Nov,22 2016

For the pallet wrapping machine, its working principle is that the things be wrapped around the object placed in the center of the turntable, start the turntable motor rotation, the natural drive turntable rotation, the object to achieve the external stretch film machine. What do the precautions when use pallet wrapper?

pallet wrapper

1. Stop moving or removing the upper and lower fixed stop blocks.

2.Winding machine turntable should be clockwise direction.

3. In the process of running into the chain near the hand to stop repair or inspection, or stop other operations, to avoid injury to the hand.

4. Film system Roller rotation is prohibited when inward reach out or into other objects, to prevent damage to rubber roller or finger.

5. Stop the DC motor control board from the test winder and the voltage between the PLC input and the ground.

6. The operator should stand at a certain distance from the turntable in the middle of the safe operation of the machine when the completion of a work process close to the machine to prevent the goods scattered casualties, if necessary, should be installed safe isolation network.

7. Thin-film system The following is strictly prohibited to stand or listen to any object.

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